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Ventura Gutierrez

As we look back at the years at Ventura's,

we can see the foundation that was set for us by our parents, especially our mother, Ventura Loa Gutierrez. Our parents worked hard to make a living as best they knew how. Our mother always had little businesses, such as raising chickens or operating a gas station and a grocery store, with the last one being Ventura's Tamales. Our father, Guadalupe, retired from Victoria County, but also baled hay for extra income.

We often discuss among my siblings, what made us so mindful of our mother. Mom guided us in such a way that I think was extraordinarily loving but with an iron fist. She was self-taught and self-motivated. Her mother died when she was 3 months old, she was raised by her father, sisters, and paternal grandmother. She never blamed anyone for what she didn't have or didn't grow up with. She would always say; a person is responsible for themselves. No matter what your childhood was like, it is your life. Of my mother's 12 siblings, 11 were and one still is, independent business owners, something she was very proud of.

Ventura not only gave us moral support, but she put her advice into practice. She was very proud of her children and grandchildren and wasn't afraid to hold us accountable. When she needed something, she called upon us with no hesitation. We all played different roles. We have been fortunate and blessed to be able to continue her legacy. The legacy is not that she wanted to build a restaurant, her legacy was to shape her children to be responsible, hardworking, respectable to others and to oneself. Everything else would fall into place. In doing that we have started another family, The Ventura's Family. The table that once sat us, has turned to a restaurant that now serves others in daily dining and other celebrations and gatherings.

-Martha and Susan, Owners of Ventura's Tamales